Pure Beeswax Candles

Our standards

All our candles are hand made only from pure beeswax with no additives of any sort: no perfumes, no other waxes, no colouring; only the wax as removed from combs during honey extraction or direct from the beehives during routine inspection. Bees make wax from glands in their bodies from the nectar they collect from flowers, to make the honeycomb to hold their young and to store pollen and honey. The natural scent of the raw or burning candle is reminiscent of these flowers and of honey: beautiful, romantic and fragrant. As a natural product colour may vary.

We use the finest woven cotton wicks in our candles, designed for beeswax candles, selected to match the size of the candle. Great care is taken so the candles burn evenly without overflow, though some designs inevitably do so. Rolled candles can be ordered so that there is a sufficient wax overflowing the top to form a pleasing drip down the side of the candle.

Honey Mountain candles have won numerous top prizes, notably at the Royal Cornwall Show.

About beeswax candles

Pure beeswax is noted for much reduced formation of particulates (tiny particles of carbon) from incomplete burning of wax in the flame and is therefore more suitable for people with breathing problems. The natural light of a flickering candle reflects that within and has long been used to symbolize the enlightened human spirit. The colour of the flame is a buttery yellow, warmer than that of a paraffin wax candle. When you use a beeswax candle, you support honeybees and pollination, rather than the petrochemical industry. Our candles have been used on a wedding table to great effect.

We use more wax than our own bees can make so we must buy in wax - all from British sources: well-known, high quality Scottish and Devon beekeepers. Much of this is from the heather. We send this wax off to a company noted for their quality to melt the wax and filter out hive debris and return it to us in the form of wax cakes or sheets of foundation. Foundation is a sheet of wax embossed with the hexagonal pattern of the cells. The primary use for the foundation is to replace older comb in the hive: the bees draw their cells from the wax and add their own wax. We ourselves use 3 standard sizes in our hives and two standard weights (thicknesses).

Our designs

One or more of these sheets can be rolled around a wick to make different sizes of candle, depending on which standard size we use and how many sheets are rolled around the wick.

Wax cakes from our own wax are melted and filtered and the wax is poured into moulds made from silicone rubber to a small selection of designs. We are happy to consider customers' own preferences and buy in new moulds to add to our range. If there is sufficient demand, we are also prepared to make our own moulds from customers' own originals.

We make the traditional dipped sort of candle by repeatedly dipping wicks into molten wax until the preferrred size is reached.

We can make thin sheets of wax by pouring molten wax on to a piece of glass and then use them to produce more intricate candles.

We can pour wax into simple sand moulds trimming off excess sand to leave a candle with sand walls.

We make up starter kits and kits for more experienced candle-makers from sheets of foundation and plain sheets together with a selection of wicks and some instructions and suggestions for designs.

Purchasing our candles

All our candles are available for sale, either retail or wholesale.

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