Beeswax Candlemaking Kits

rolling candles

Candles are easily made from sheets of beeswax, either plain or embossed. The simplest method is to roll a sheet around a suitable wick. Young children love to do this, though they must be warned to light a candle under adult supervision - better their parents are present whilst they make them, so they can ensure that the candle is lit immediately or stored safely, so that it would only be brought out when they are present. Note that candles should be safely mounted so that they cannot fsll over and if accidentally knocked over, would fall on to a non-inflammable surface.

Kits can be made to order or are available in 2 basic sizes. Instructions will also be provided,

small starter kit

The small starter kit contains 8 embossed beeswax sheets of 4"x7" and 8 5" lengths of ½" wick, 1 5" length of 1" wick and 1 3" length of 2" wick. This allows 3 options: all ½" candles, some ½" candles and either or both 1" and 2" candles. The 1" candles can be rolled from 2 sheets. The 2" candle is made by cutting 2 sheets in 2 and rolling the 4 pieces around the wick.

larger starter kit

The larger starter kit contains 8 embossed beeswax sheets of 14"x8" and 1" wick sufficient for 8 candles made from single sheets, plus a length of wick suitable for a 2-sheet candle and a 3-sheet candle both 8" tall (or 2 4" candles).

fancy candles

Wax sheets can be cut into any suitable shape that can be worked up into a candle. The only limit is that of imagination. Flowers can be made using pastry cutters (or a knife or scissors) to make petals which can be assembled to make a rose-like shape around a wick. Plain beeswax sheets may be made up into flowers or other shape without wicks as models in their own right.

email for prices and delivery of starter kits and to request other combinations including plain wax sheets.

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