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safety with candles

Many of our candles will stand freely on a level surface, such as glass. Owing to the fire risk posed by a naked flame, it is essential that you mount all candles firmly, to reduce any risk of falling over, in a stand or holder or on a surface which can heat up as the candle flame nears the base. However, you may also stand them in a container to catch them in a limited space if they do fall. Do not stand them on a surface which can burn or char, such as a table made from wood or synthetic material.

Do not burn candles in a draught or in a caravan or boat as the fire risk is increased substantially causing many avoidable deaths and much avoidable damage.

Children and pets pose a special danger as do those whose co-ordination may waver. It is best to use a candle-holder designed or selected for the purpose. Damp sand in a bowl is a creative alternative. Blu-tak under the candle can fix it to the support. As always, the base of a candle can be melted with a match flame before pushing it firmly into their holder. Keep them vertical!

Always extinguish a flame after use, then the glowing tip of the wick. Traditionally they are blown out (or a cone snuff is placed on the candle) then the tip is squished between finger and thumb or is trimmed gently with small scissors so as not to damage the brittle wick.

retail sales

Please email us at honeymountain with queries. You may also send your order this way - just list your requirements. For more complicated orders or where you want the order priced immediately, you may use an order form set out as a spreadsheet in open document format or csv format or excel format. This gives all our candles with details of burning times and so on and the retail prices with a running total. This allows you to adjust your order to take advantage of our discounts.

Note: burning times are approximate. They vary a little between tests. Typical values are given.

Prices are retail - no VAT is charged. Orders under £50 carry postage of up to £5. Discounts: orders over £50 post free; 10% discount over £100, 20% discount over £150. Wholesale: email or go to the next page.

Note that every thumbnail image links to a large sized image for more detailed viewing.

moulded candles

These are made by hand by pouring molten wax into selected silicone rubber moulds, left to become solid as they cool.

general purpose free standing candles

free standing moulded candles
candlerefnamedetailsburn timeprice
large skepS1Large skepReminder of cottages, crafts and beekeeping a century ago10 hours£7.18
queen bee on combS3Queen bee on simulated combUnique, popular symbol of the source of our pure beeswax6 hours£4.46
angel on combS4Angel on combBeautiful peaceful reminiscence of the Victorian family gathering19 hours£6.48
Xmas treeS6Christmas tree in potContemporary design9 hours£3.96
tear dropS8Tear dropDelightful sleek, modern shape for any home. Will also float13 hours£4.70
teddyS10TeddyLovely traditional smiling teddy bear, an endearing reminder of childhood, to grace the table of childrens' parties (all ages!)4 hours£3.47
loversS13The LoversThe romantic entwined couple bring a touch of sweetness to your evening6 hours£3.37

floating candles

Ideal for that touch of elegance to a romantic evening or dinner party. Gently place into the water without wetting the wick. Light after it floats properly. Do not attempt to light it, then place it on the water surface. Candles designed to float are always wider than they are high or “bottom heavy”. Do NOT attempt to float candles other than F1 and F2 or S8.

floating candles
candlerefnamedetailsburn timeprice
floating moon and starF1Round with moon and starLonger lasting for the whole evening and more10 hours£4.16
sunflowerF2Contemporary naturalistic design, ideal for the dinner tableReminder of cottages, crafts and beekeeping a century ago.4 hours£1.98

long table candles

long table candles
candlerefnamedetailsburn timeprice
twisted linenT1Twisted linenPopular cloth effect and shape, a touch of luxury8 hours£2.03
twisted spiralT4Twisted spiralSpiraling upwards to the flame: twisted candy6 hours£2.03
large taperedT5Long taperedGentle curve evocative of centuries of candle-light11 hours£3.47
medium pillarT6Medium pillarEvocative of worship11 hours£3.22

animal motifs

animal motif candles
candlerefnamedetailsburn timeprice
pig A1PigCute, fun loving piggy4 hours£3.37
bear and honeypotA2Bear and honeypotOne of our most popular - the lovely little bear cub eating his pot of honey4 hours£2.48
bear and skepA3Bear and skepThe most popular small candle. Attractive to all ages, with a touch of old style beekeeping4 hours£2.72
A4OwlPopular, beautifully detailed image of the dignified owl, a symbol of wisdom7 hours£3.96

rolled sheet foundation

These candles are all rolled from sheets of beeswax around the selected wick. We use one sheet, two sheets and four sheets half as wide again, to give 3 weights. Keep these candles out of the sun as direct sunlight will bleach the colour. They are generally best mounted in holders with a central spike to lock them in position.

rolled sheet foundation candles
candlerefnamedetailsburn timeprice
rolled 6 R61"x8"A nice, one inch candle10 hours£4.46
per pair
rolled 7 R71½"x8"A neat, well proportioned candle10 hours£4.25
rolled 11R112"x12"An elegant, nicely proportioned long candle, very suitable as the centre-piece of the dinner table for notable family occasions. Ensure firm stable base17 hours£8.68
rolled 12 R122½"x12"A more sumptuous and solid long pillar candle, bolder, even more distinctive29 hours£11.93

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