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Dave Cushman created the best British web site, with a wealth of detail about beekeeping practices and detailed drawings of equipment. Dave will be sadly missed.

marking and clipping: methods of picking up queen, marking and clipping her wings

BIBBA the Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders' Association, International, with most members in the UK and Ireland. Many specialise in supporting the native bee of the area and breeding in the best characters, harvest size, good temper and disease resistance, latterly varroa tolerance. Local groups support members with the same ideas.

BBKA the British Beekeepers' Association, the association for hobbyists and sideliners, with some commercial members

Beedata Beekeeping database provided by Northern Bee Books who have funded the work freely

UK honey suppliers database searchable

NBU National Bee Unit of the UK

IBRA International Bee Research Association based in the University of Cardiff. Journals and library, lending facilities

Stratford upon Avon Beekeepers, a BBKA member association with an excellent web site, with many articles and notes on a variety of subjects

Links page covering an immense range

Graham and Annie Law

useful for beginners a set of introductory articles based on frequently asked questions

Thorne's National suppliers with excellent postal delivery, with agents around the country

National Bee Supplies at Okehampton in Devon, UK agent for Thomas

inexpensive microscopes suitable for examining varroa, good assistance

Brian Sherriff beekeepers clothing and a lot more, world famous and used everywhere

BB Wear beekeepers' clothing

Bees for Development supporting beekeepers and beekeeping in developing countries


Micheál and Aoife Mac Giolla Coda's web site

How to find a queen for those who have any difficulty or who want to start improving

BWARS Gallery of Solitary bees, bumblebees and one yellow honeybee, plus wasps and ants (Bees, Wasps & Ants Recording Society). Many excellent pictures to encourage you to observe bumblebees and solitary bees as well as wasps and ants.


Apiservices by Gilles Rattia, the most comprehensive continental web site, with links to suppliers, articles and much more


Swienty supplier of the swienty-bine mini-nucleus and Apidea and all beekeeping equipment - excellent English spoken and written, speedy return of orders

New Zealand

Nick Wallingford's Site. All things to New Zealand Beekeeping

Peter Molan and the Honey Research Unit (HRU) Manuka honey's antibiotic properties


Beekeeping in Australia


Allen Dick's rich site from a well known and well respected contributor to the Bee List

about hygienic bees on Allen's web site


Research Project at Alabama A&M University : Development and Use of Mite-Resistance Traits in Honey-Bee Breeding. Paper "Status of bees with the trait of varroa sensitive hygiene (VSH) for varroa resistance". Also "Effects of Brood Type on Varroa Sensitive Hygiene (VSH) by Worker Honey Bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae)", investigating the removal of varroa from drone brood.

American National Honey Board - "Which conducts research and marketing programs for the USA's honey industry, shares its latest research findings, recipes and answers to frequently-asked honey questions"

Bee Culture the magazine of American beekeeping. Archived articles, MacGregor's handboook on pollination and more.

Beesource: Interesting archives of many alternative views

Glenn Apiaries Breeder Queens with Suppressed Mite Reproduction (SMR) now known as Varroa Sensitive Hygiene (VSH) and links to original research on SMR and VSH

Dennis Murrell's site is devoted to top bar beekeeping. He shows how the bees vary their cell size according to the season and their needs. Essential resource for those contemplating either top-bar beekeeping or trying out small cell beekeepuing.


Irishbeekeeping the informal international mailing list of mainly Irish and British beekeepers.

Bee List Archives The (easily) searchable archives of Bee List, the international mailing list of approx 1,000 members from the beekeeping and entomological community World Wide. An excellent source of information on all things relating to beekeeping. Join here.

Bees for Development Trust "ensures that beekeepers working in poor countries have access to the information they need. Donate online, UK taxpayers via Gift Aid.

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